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“It was not only great receiving a long-deserved raise of 3 percent per year for five years, but also a MERS Defined Benefit Plan in a day when many cities and townships are turning to a Defined Contribution Plan,” said MAFF Labor Rep. Ed Wertz.


Contract Duration: 5-year agreement ratified 3-12-13 and effective 4-1-13 to 3-31-18.

Wage Increases: 3% per contract year for each classification, including new Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) position (discussed below).

Retirement: All full-time fire fighters and Fire Inspector position will receive MERS Defined Benefit Plan.

Fringe Benefits:

  • Time and a half wages will be paid for on-call responses for incidents and staffing shift work on Township-recognized holidays.

  • Bonus language pre-2011 will be reinstated with the modification that the bonus for each level, EMT, EMT-S, AEMT, and EMT-P will be $150.

  • Career holiday pay will be paid on first payday in November.

  • Addition of a third level of longevity pay of $500 after 12 years of service for career employees.

New position: An EVT position, equal in pay to paid on-call lieutenant, will be created with a $300 annual uniform allowance. The EVT exists outside the typical chain of  command. The EVT reports directly to the Chief or Deputy Chief, except during incident operations in which the EVT reports to the designated Incident Commander.

Uniform/Equipment Allowance: Current language will be removed and replaced with the following “Equipment Stipend.” Each non-probationary Department member shall on the first payday of March in each contract year, be paid the lump sum of $100 as an equipment stipend to compensate them for incidental personal expenses related to emergency equipment. Members shall not be required to submit further documentation to be eligible for this stipend.

Bargaining Team: Labor Relations Specialist Ed Wertz and Association President Tracy Chamberlain.

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“The Township wanted to disband the fire department and merge them with another community,” said MAFF Labor Rep. Donnell Reed. “We were able to prevent that from happening through other (non-wage) cuts. The no-layoff provision for the first two years of the 3-year contract gives them job security.”

Contract Duration: 3-year agreement ratified 8-27-13 and effective 7-1-13 to 6-30-16.

Wages: Preserves current wages for three years when Employer was seeking a 20% wage concession.

Retirement: Preserves defined benefit pension with a small concession of bridging down the multiplier going forward from 2.5% to 1.7% instead of the 1% that the Employer was seeking.

Fringe Benefits:

  • New Paid Time Off (PTO) System which can be used for sick, vacation and personal time off, which will be paid out of the Employee’s sick banks at 100% by the end of 2013. The Employer wanted to eliminate sick leave banks permanently and pay out the current balances at 100% for the first 100 hours, then 50% for the next 100 hours, and 25% for the remainder of sick leave bank hours up to 800 hours.

  • No-layoff provision and maintain staffing levels for first two years of the agreement.

  • Maintain 28-day work schedule. The Employer sought an 8/10/12 hour work schedule at the discretion of the Fire Chief.

  • Health Care: Changed to a more affordable plan under PA 152 Hard Cap that reduces the Employer’s contribution obligation due to the cost of the plan.

Bargaining Team: Labor Relations Specialist Donnell Reed and Association President Jason Gonzalez.

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All applications for the

Carl Parsell Scholarship

are due March 2, 2015

$2,500.00 will be awarded.

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“The increase with volunteer benefits as well as the three holidays helps show them they’re important to the community,” said MAFF Labor Rep. Donnell Reed. “They’re not looked upon any differently. They are just as valuable as the full-time firefighters or any other full-time employees. It gives them some recognition of their importance.”


Contract Duration: 3-year agreement ratified 8-27-13 and effective 7-1-13 to 6-30-16.

Wages: Preserves current wages for three years when Employer was seeking a 20% wage concession.


  • Increase in accidental death insurance, accidental dismemberment insurance, and increase in weekly income benefit for injuries on the job.
  • Holiday pay will be paid at time-and-a-half for responding to tone outs on Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Bargaining Team: Labor Relations Specialist Donnell Reed and Association Contact Brandon Routhier.

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In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy known as 9-11, the Lighthouse Uniform Company received a phone call from Lt. Jerry Hughes from the Chicago Fire Department. He knew about us from our Fallen Fire Fighter Dress Uniform Program.

Lt. Hughes suggested we make an attempt at getting America’s Fire Service to adopt the NYFD Bell Cap as a statement of solidarity with those Firefighters lost.

The idea was explored, but in the end proved too daunting a task. It did, however, lead to the creation of the 9-11 Commemorative Chin Strap™.

Not wanting to capitalize on the moment, the Lighthouse did not market the straps and made them available to only a select group of Honor Guards. Without a public presence, the Chin Strap soon fell out of sight.

Now, almost ten years has gone by since 9-11 and there is a generation of firefighters coming up that do not relate to 9-11 like it happened to them. It is turning into a history lesson right before our eyes and the decision was made to reinvigorate the 9-11 Commemorative Chin Strap Program and use it as a bridge, to create a connection and ‘make sure the past stays part of the present’.


Substitute for House Bill No. 4522 PDF Print E-mail

This is a bill that would amend Act 312. It has been introduced by
Representative Farrington ( R ) Sterling Heights. His community has not
had a 312 hearing and yet he sponsors a bill to amend it.
MAP & MAFF are opposed to this Bill.

Substitute for House Bill No. 4522

A bill to amend 1969 PA 312, entitled

"An act to provide for compulsory arbitration of labor disputes in municipal police and fire departments; to define such public departments; to provide for the selection of members of arbitration panels; to prescribe the procedures and authority thereof; and to provide for the enforcement and review of awards thereof," by amending sections 6, 8, and 9 (MCL 423.236, 423.238, and 423.239).

Please click on PDF to view entire Bill No. 4522

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2013 Carl Parsell Scholarship Winners



Trevor is the son of Trenton Police Officer and MAP member Randy Woods and Mom Noelle Woods. Trevor graduated from Trenton High School this month and will be attending Ferris State University in the fall to begin his studies for an intended major in Criminal Justice. During high school, Trevor participated in football, baseball, and track, and was an elected member of the Anti-Bullying Committee. Trevor also belonged to the Spanish Club. Trevor participated in “Victory Day”, which helps special needs kids play football. He also volunteered for a youth football camp, and works at Amigo’s Mexican Restaurant. By receiving this scholarship, Trevor will be better able to concentrate on his classes and attain good academic grades.


Andrew is the son of MAP member and St Clair Shores Police Officer David Burmeister and mom Denise Burmeister, graduated from Dakota High School in Macomb Michigan with a 3.72 GPA. He developed his leadership skills as Captain of the Varsity Basketball All Academic Team. Andrew has also been involved with the National Honor Society, football, and track teams. He works for Jet’s Pizza and also referees in youth basketball leagues. Andrew’s community service activities include being a camp counselor at youth basketball camps, assisting with autistic children, and volunteering for the Humane Society and The Salvation Army. The award of this scholarship will help Andrew towards his eventual goal of earning an MBA in marketing or sports management, and achieving his career goal of becoming a sports agent or working directly for a professional sports team.


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